Please become a Parish Council member!

The Parish Council can have up to 7 members but currently there are only 5, and we have sometimes only had 3 members able to attend our meetings. We really need new members to make decisions about the villages in our local area, such as what equipment should be in the playground, and what we can do about traffic problems.

The Parish Council is the best way for members of the community to get things done by the District and County Councils!

Many people think it is something to do with the church – no, the parish is just the local boundary; or politics – no we are nothing to do with political parties either!

We are all residents of the local villages who meet once a month in our area for a couple of hours. Councillors can do a bit more if they wish but most of the Council’s work, such as the correspondence, accounts, agendas and minutes, is done by the Clerk.

Please think about joining us!

Please contact the Clerk on or phone Margaret on 50230 if you would like to become a member of our Parish Council.