Wigginton and Hopwas Parish Council has 5 Councillors, with 2 vacancies. Anyone who lives or works in the parish (or within 3 miles) and is over 18 years old is eligible to become a Councillor. Please contact the Clerk on 01827 50230 or if you are interested in making decisions about the local community, would like more details or wish to be coopted on to the Council. Training is available.


Cllr Keith Stevens (Chair) of The Woodfields, Main Road, Wigginton B79 9DN (Wigginton Ward)

Cllr Mrs Carol Croft of 93 Main Road, Wigginton B79 9DU (Wigginton Ward)

Cllr Alan Moore of 6 Manor Lane, Comberford B79 9BG (Wigginton Ward)

Cllr David Shirtliff of School House, School Lane, Hopwas B78 3AD (Hopwas Ward)

Cllr Caroline Gibson of Longmynd, Lichfield Road, Hopwas B78 3AG (Hopwas Ward)



District Councillors

David Leytham

Rob Strachan

Alan White

Alan White is also our Staffordshire County Councillor (