Litter Picking

Several members of the community already help to keep our villages tidy by picking up litter from the verges and lanes. More volunteers are very welcome to help! Just stay safe by wearing visible clothing and strong gloves. If flytipping has occured please report it to Lichfield District Council who will dispose of it safely.

Thanks to everyone who is already helping!

Lichfield Police Online Surgery

Lichfield Police will be holding an online surgery on Wednesday 21st February and go live at 7pm.

This is an opportunity to chat to your Local Policing Team directly via the channels below:

Log on and submit your questions or comments using hashtag #staffspolicelivechat

Directly via the website:

Twitter: @LichfieldPolice @staffspolice

Facebook: Staffordshire Police

Instagram: @StaffsPolice

Planning Inquiry, Arkall Farm

Please see below to all who have concerns about the proposed development of 1000 houses at Arkall Farm:

Dear All

I write as you have all shown concerns in the past about the proposed building of 1000 houses at Arkall Farm.

I suspect that you know that Lichfield District Council approved the application, but following a request from Tamworth Council the Secretary of State called in the application and there will be a public enquiry beginning on the 16th January in Lichfield, following which a final decision will be made. You will probably have received notifications of the various stages of the appeal process, but, like me, we all have busy lives and it is not very exciting to sit down and write to the planners again. However, now is the time to make one more effort, see below which is from an email from a member of Tamworth Council:

Not looking to get anyone’s hopes up, but on the evidence front I believe we are very much winning.

The bit we need is for letters and more importantly attendance from masses of the public at the hearing in Lichfield.

I will forward all the details urgently, but can you start getting the neighbours on board?

It would seem that it is worth a last push to send a quick email, I feel that it is sufficient to express your strong opposition to the plans and that you stand by your previous comments to Lichfield District Council, maybe briefly mention the traffic or any other concerns that you have but it’s not necessary to spend too much time on the detail, it has all been said before and it is there for them to read online. Just a short note in your own words would be great. If anyone could attend any of the public enquiry then that would be a bonus.

We don’t have the time ourselves to do a letter drop as we have previously, but if any of you could forward this to neighbours and friends or print out and push through a few letter boxes then we may just get enough responses to make a difference, this could be our last chance to influence the decision.

The reference numbers are:

Lichfield District Council Planning Application Reference: 14/00516/OUTMEI

Inspectorate Appeal Reference No: APP/K3415/V/17/3174379

Emails should be sent to

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope that the New Year will see an end to this application which has been hanging over us all for so long.

With thanks and best wishes


Alan Leedham

Please become a Parish Council member!

The Parish Council can have up to 7 members but currently there are only 5, and we have sometimes only had 3 members able to attend our meetings. We really need new members to make decisions about the villages in our local area, such as what equipment should be in the playground, and what we can do about traffic problems.

The Parish Council is the best way for members of the community to get things done by the District and County Councils!

Many people think it is something to do with the church – no, the parish is just the local boundary; or politics – no we are nothing to do with political parties either!

We are all residents of the local villages who meet once a month in our area for a couple of hours. Councillors can do a bit more if they wish but most of the Council’s work, such as the correspondence, accounts, agendas and minutes, is done by the Clerk.

Please think about joining us!

Please contact the Clerk on or phone Margaret on 50230 if you would like to become a member of our Parish Council.

Bus service update

The Parish Council has been informed that Central Buses Ltd will be taking over the 82 service which goes via Wigginton and Comberford. Please use this service so that it can be viable and able to continue after April when the County Council subsidy will cease.   Use it or lose it!

The service 55 through Hopwas between Tamworth and Lichfield will close on December 23rd, although other services through Hopwas will continue.

Bus services decision

The County Council have now decided to end the subsidies for the 82 bus service which is used by residents of Wigginton and Comberford.  Please see below for information they have sent to the Parish Council:

An eight week public consultation on how best to spend Staffordshire County Council’s £1.3m annual bus subsidy has resulted in the option which safeguards most journeys.

The County Council’s Cabinet has today also agreed to work with bus operators, district and borough councils, parish councils and local community groups to explore options for supporting some of the journeys which will no longer be funded by the authority from April 2018.

While the vast majority of bus journeys in Staffordshire are currently made without any subsidy from the County Council, some journeys are still costing taxpayers more than £10 every time someone gets on board. As the County Council needs to spend a record £300m on care this year alone, we need to make sure that every penny of taxpayers’ money is working its hardest.  The option chosen means that most trips can still be made at the lowest average cost to taxpayers.

More than 96 per cent of all bus journeys currently made in Staffordshire will still be able to be made.  In cases where journeys will no longer be subsidised, such as the Dial-A-Ride, we want to work with local bus operators, local councils and communities to see which are the most important to them and look at helping them explore other options for funding.

Further details of the approved proposal can be found at  This details only journeys which will continue to be subsidised by the county council.

Any changes to bus timetables will be implemented by bus operators from April 2018. The County Council is not able to confirm changes to specific routes which will no longer be subsidised at this stage. Details of any changes will be finalised and published by bus operators once known.

The Parish Council is meeting with members from other affected villages to explore options to help those residents who rely on this service.

More Brown’s Lane housing – consultation meeting

The Parish Council has received the following information about an application to build more housing off Brown’s Lane, close to Wigginton:

‘ An outline planning application is being prepared for a proposal comprising up to 220 dwellings, access, public open space, landscaping, sustainable urban drainage systems, footpaths, roads and associated infrastructure at land off Browns Lane, Tamworth. An exhibition on behalf of Summix Ltd has been arranged and you are cordially invited to view these emerging proposals on: WEDNESDAY 14TH JUNE 2017



See the attached plan Proposed Concept Masterplan

Arkall Farm application called in

The Parish Council have been informed that Tamworth Borough Councillors have been successful in having the application for housing at Arkall Farm called in by the Secretary of State so that further consideration can be given to the decision by Lichfield District Council to allow planning permission.

Comberford Church

Comberford Church has now reverted to the ownership of the family who donated the building to the village. It is hoped it will be available for community use once it has been refurbished.