Wigginton Meeting

A good number of residents attended the meeting in Wigginton to hear Councillor Ian Harding’s explanation of what the Neighbourhood Plan could mean for our parish and the opportunities it represented. Many had been concerned about the recent reports of development at Anker Valley, and wanted to know how this may affect plans for building behind Browns Lane. Ian explained that the Neighbourhood Plan had to conform with Lichfield’s Local Plan, which was expected to come into effect later in the year, so it could not stop development already agreed, but that it was a new opportunity for local people to influence the type of development in our villages.

The next step would be to arrange a meeting and set up a working party of local people to agree the most important issues affecting the parish.
Anyone wishing to be involved who could not attend this meeting please get in touch with the Parish Council (Clerk@wiggintonandhopwas.co.uk).