More vandalism

The public notice board in Hints Road has now been vandalised, following the breaking of the glass and lock of the Parish Council notice board recently.  It has been removed for repair and will be in place for residents to use shortly.

If anyone can suggest a safer site for the notice boards please let the Parish Council know. If you see anyone acting suspiciously around these boards in future please report it to us or to the Lichfield Police.

Public money is being wasted by these vandals so please be vigilant!

Development in Hopwas

At the Parish Council meeting on July 3rd, a planning consultant attended to present a proposal for housing off Plantation Lane. An initial plan was discussed, showing up to 50 houses on the site, with no through traffic leading along Nursery Lane to Hints Road. This site is currently green belt and there are no plans to change the boundary unless the community wishes this. The Neighbourhood Plan Group will discuss this further at their next meeting on July 9th. This was an initial approach, and comments on the number of houses and type of development were invited, in order that it could be incorporated in the Neighbourhood Plan if required. Alternatively the local community may feel that the green belt should be retained in its present form.

If it was decided in the future that some development was required in Hopwas, there would be consultation with local people well before a planning application was submitted. Consutation on the developing Neighbourhood Plan will also be taking place over the next few months. Residents are very welcome to join the steering group to help in the plan’s preparation.

initial concept_v 1-A3 Sheet L(1)