Parking Restrictions in Hints Road

The Parish Council have received many complaints over the last few years about parked vehicles restricting visibilty for drivers on Hints Road, and have passed these on to Highways. Highways are now proposing that double yellow lines be painted around the junction of Nursery Lane and Two Trees Close with Hints Road to prevent parking. See plan showing where the lines would restrict parking Parking Consultation Plan

Local residents are encouraged to send in their views on this proposal. Either reply to the letter delivered to nearest properties by Highways, which you can read below, or let the Parish Council know what you think.  Please email the Clerk with your opinion – or contact Highways as soon as possible!

  • Will it make it easier to drive or walk along Hints Road?
  • Will it be safer for road users?
  • Will it make it harder to park elsewhere?

Parking Consultation Letter