Arkall Farm Planning Application

The Planning Committtee at Lichfield District Council has voted in favour of the Planning Officer’s recommendation that the application to build 1000 houses on rural land at Arkall Farm should go ahead. It will have a monitor and manage approach, so allowing building of 300 houses and then deciding whether the local road network can support another phase.

A large gathering of local residents from the area around the development site were disappointed to hear that the Committee approved the application, despite widespread opposition from those who feared the effects of so much building in this area, where Anker Valley and Brown’s Lane developments have already begun close to the already congested at peak times Ashby Road.

Planning Committee to consider Arkall Farm development

Lichfield District Council will finally consider the planning application to build up to 1000 houses at Arkall Farm at its meeting on Monday 27th February. It will take place at 6pm at the Council offices in Frog Lane. The public are able to attend to watch proceedings although not to speak at the meeting.

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