Parking restrictions in Wigginton

Residents of Wigginton have raised concerns with the Parish Council about parking around the Walrand Close junction, around the Syerscote Lane junction and along Main Road. It is difficult for pedestrians to see when crossing the road due to the speed of the traffic which often travels on the wrong side of the road to pass cars. Residents are also finding it difficult to see when coming out of their drives.

The Parish Council have asked Staffordshire Highways for advice on putting down double yellow lines. As this is a conservation area narrow pale yellow lines can be used. The Parish Council would need to pay for a traffic order and to have the lines painted. To make sure that the majority of nearby residents are in favour of this scheme we have delivered leaflets to properties affected.

Any other residents wishing to comment please contact as soon as possible or come along to the next meeting on 4th April at 7.15 at St Leonard’s School to make your point of view known.