Fly-tipping in Comberford

A dozen tyres have been found this morning at Manor Lane, Comberford. Cllr Moore alerted the Parish Council and a report has been made to Lichfield District Council.

Lichfield District Council aim to investigate fly-tipped items that are dumped on district council or adopted highway land by the next working day.

Please be aware that it may take longer to remove the dumped waste depending on the type of waste and the equipment or staff required to remove it.

They are only responsible for clearing up fly-tipped items on district council and adopted highway land – and will not remove rubbish that is found/reported to be dumped on private land. This is the responsibility of the landowner.

Where possible they will also take enforcement action and fine people who fly tip in the district, to help prevent it from happening again.

If you have any information that could help to identify those responsible, or if any new information comes to light, please let Lichfield District Council know by calling 01543 308000 quoting reference: FTC000859

Two other local instances of large numbers of tyres being fly-tipped have happened in recent weeks in Amington (50 tyres) and Kingsbury (140 tyres.) The Parish Council have made the District Council aware of this in the hope they may carry out a joint investigation with Tamworth Borough Council and North Warwickshire Borough Council to catch the culprit/s.