Staffordshire County Council CALL FOR EVIDENCE Alleged Public Footpath Plantation Lane—Lichfield Road

Staffordshire County Council  (SCC) are  due to determine the application of an alleged public footpath on the boundary of our parish and are calling for any documentary evidence  or testimonies to support or refute this application by 4th June 2021. If you have memories of this pathway  or part of the pathway in regular use or have any documentary evidence please contact:  for a user form to complete and return to the Legal Officer (Rights of Way) at SCC. This application can be found on the SCC website (Modification Application Register)  Ref No: LH629G. Please note that information to support or refute the claim cannot be given to SCC confidentially; you should only provide the information if you are happy  for it to be in the public domain. This call for evidence relates specifically  to this alleged pathway; if you know of any other potential public paths within the Parish or boundaries that are not registered , please contact the Clerk or SCC for further information on applying for a Public Path Order. There is a deadline of 1st January 2026 for historic rights of ways to be recorded  on the definitive maps in accordance with Section 53 of the Countryside and Rights of Ways Act 2000.Map of alleged footpath