Comberford is a small rural village clustered around the Church of St Mary and St George, now closed.

The Parish Council has taken responsibility for managing Comberford Millennium Green as Trustee. Our contractor, Andy Cox, maintains the play area. It contains a slide and swings.

We are currently consulting with our residents and visitors to see what improvements could be made to the site, please click the below link to take part in a short survey:

Comberford Millennium Green Renovation Survey

Further comments and questions about the renovation project are very welcome please email:

Comberford Millennium Green Trust meet throughout the year; members of the public are always welcome. To find out when the next meeting is contact:

CMG AGM agenda September 9th 2021

Appendix 1 – CMG minutes February 4th 2021

Appendix 2a – Financial Report year ending 31.03.21

Appendix 2b – Receipts and Payment Accounts 2020-21 – CC16a

Appendix 3 – Trustees’ Annual Report year ending 31.03.21

Appendix 4 – Payment Schedule 09.09.2021

Appendices 5, 6 & 7 to follow.

Previous Minutes

CMG minutes February 4th 2021 (Draft)

CMG minutes December 3rd 2020

CMG AGM minutes October 1st 2020