Wigginton and Hopwas Parish Council


Through the Localism Act the government has given local communities powers to have a direct say in the future development of their neighbourhood, parish or town.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning document that guides and shapes development in the local area and is created by local people. Neighbourhood Plans are about local development issues, for example where new homes should go, what developments should look like and policies to help retaining the characteristics of our Parish.

Wigginton, Hopwas and Comberford neighbourhood plan (lichfielddc.gov.uk)

Planning Authorities use our Neighbourhood Plan in conjunction with the Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to make planning decisions.

Lichfield District Council are the planning authority in our area, they are responsible for providing guidance and making decisions on Planning Applications. You can view information on the planning issues they are able to consider here: Comment on a planning application – What we can and can’t consider (lichfielddc.gov.uk)

The Parish Council are Statutory Consultees which means we are invited by the Planning Authority to comment upon planning issues for any planning application within our Parish (or which may have a significant impact upon the Parish).

Current Applications / Comments pending consideration by Lichfield District Council at 10/04/2022

Reference Address Details W&H comment LDC decision
22/00513/FUL The Old Crown 120 Main Road Wigginton Tamworth Staffordshire B79 9DW Retention of existing outdoor bar to rear Pending Consideration
22/00477/FUH The Sharratts School Lane Hopwas Tamworth Staffordshire B78 3AD Conversion of garage to create additional living space Pending Consideration
22/00286/FUH Wigginton Fields Farm Main Road Wigginton Tamworth Staffordshire B79 9LH Erection of detached garage and stores None Pending Consideration
22/00370/FUL Aviemore 45 Nursery Lane Hopwas Tamworth Staffordshire B78 3AS Demolition of existing buildings and outbuildings and erection of 7No detached dwellings, with associated garages, access and landscaping 22_00370_FUL-__WIGGINTON_AND_HOPWAS_PARISH_COUNCIL-770797.pdf (lichfielddc.gov.uk) Pending Consideration
22/00150/ADV Arkall Farm Ashby Road Tamworth Staffordshire Installation of 2No advertising boards None Decided – Approve


Rose Cottage Lichfield Road Hopwas Tamworth Staffordshire B78 3AE Erection of single storey extension to rear and side and detached double garage with car port None Decided – Approve


21/01277/FUL 17 Nursery Lane Hopwas Tamworth Staffordshire B78 3AS Variation of condition 2 (Approved Plans) of permission 20/00313/COU relating to minor alterations to front gable and windows added None Decided – Approve
20/00629/OUT Silver Birches Syerscote Lane Wigginton Tamworth Staffordshire B79 9ER Outline application for the erection of up to 9no dwellings (all matters reserved) The Parish Council consider the highway unsafe for construction traffic to safely manoeuvre and a strong likelihood of obstruction and difficulties to local residents especially during school drop off / pick up times construction work should ideally be mindful of the proximity to the school and plan accordingly. Longer term the exit from silver birches onto Syerscote lane is on a right-hand bend and could be hazardous for the residents, given the proximity to the Arkall Farm development could access through Arkall Farm be considered / negotiated for this estate and entrance to Syerscote Lane be closed off to protect Syerscote Lane from additional pressures the two developments will bring to the village. Consultee Comments for Planning Application 20/00629/OUT (lichfielddc.gov.uk) Pending Consideration
18/00840/OUTMEI Land North Of Browns Lane Tamworth Staffordshire Outline application for up to 210 dwellings, public open space, landscaping, sustainable urban drainage, access, and associated infrastructure. (All matters reserved except access). This land is not on the SLA for either the existing LDC plan or the new emerging review for 2018-2040. The site is not within the policies of the Wigginton and Hopwas Neighbourhood plan despite their report suggesting that it create no coalescence with Tamworth. The land shows evidence of Medieval farming which would be lost. The Planning enquiry into the Arkle Farm site came to the conclusion that the that development of 1000 houses would put undue and unacceptable pressure on the local infrastructure and required a measured development. This proposed development would simply add to the problems. If accepted it would look like a way of bypassing the conditions laid out the inspector’s report. It is obvious to residents that there is already extreme pressure on schools’ medical facilities and highways. This will only be increased with the developments already approved despite the improvements proposed.

Consultee Comments for Planning Application 18/00840/OUTMEI (lichfielddc.gov.uk)

Pending Consideration

Planning Applications from 1997 onwards can be found here: Simple Search (lichfielddc.gov.uk)

If a comment has been made by the Parish Council it can be found as a document under the Planning Application it relates to.

For further information on planning matters please refer to Lichfield District Council Planning and building control (lichfielddc.gov.uk)

Their Local Plan documents can be viewed here: Adopted local plan (lichfielddc.gov.uk)

An online version of the NPPF can be viewed here: National Planning Policy Framework – Guidance – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)