Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Area Wigginton and Hopwas Parish Council applied to Lichfield District Council for the area to be designated as a Neighbourhood Plan area. This was agreed in July 2013. See the attached plan of the area.


An open meeting was held on Wednesday 15th January 2014 at St Leonard’s School, Wigginton, and provided an opportunity for local people to share their views about their community. A steering group made up of local people and Parish Councillors then used these ideas to work on the plan and prepare draft policies.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group held two exhibitions in March 2015 to give local people an opportunity to see the policies which had been proposed for the local area and to comment on them.


The Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents were submitted to Lichfield District Council on 19/10/15 prior to the 6 week statutory consultation period. In accordance with Section 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 Lichfield District Council were required to consult on the Wigginton, Hopwas & Comberford Neighbourhood Plan.

For details of documents and responses see

The consultation period lasted  from Friday 23rd October
2015 to Friday 4th December 2015.

All the representations received during this consultation are available to view online:


This was concluded in early 2016 and the report can be found here

WHC final report Jan16


The referendum was held on 29th September 2016. This resulted in a yes vote for the Neighbourhood Plan.

More details are on Lichfield’s website


The Neighbourhood Plan was approved by Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet in November 2016.

It was ‘made’ at full Council on December 14th 2016.

WHC NP Made version 13.12.16

WHCNP Decision Statement 13.12.16

Thank you to everyone who helped to develop the Plan.